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Maybe you don't know it yet, but there are many farmers around you growing wonderful fresh produce. So you won't miss any of them, we've come up with this platform. You can also network with the farmers, see what's happening on the farms and learn how these delicious products are actually grown.

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We think it's good to buy locally. That's why you can check with us which products are grown in your area. Due to the changing seasons it will certainly not be boring! And it is nice to know where the potato has grown before it has found its way onto your plate.


Fresh food does not grow in the supermarket. The production is often complicated and requires a lot of knowledge, work and passion, but at the same time it is interesting and important. We want to give farmers the opportunity to make their processes transparent and comprehensible, so that you can follow along and understand how your food became so delicious.


FreshStuff is about community. You can connect with the person that is taking care of your food. Apart from the possibility to add further regional farmers to your network, you can also get in touch with each of them directly and will be provided with any new information they might post. For example, when are strawberries ripe and maybe you can reserve some at a farm nearby?

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Find out why we are passionate about our Platform and support local Farmers and Producers of all things fresh.