How To Set Up A Profile

Step 1: Registration

To register with FrischesZeug, all you need to do is click on the "I'm in" button on the start page (here is also the direct link: To register, a valid email address, a user name (this does not have to be the farm name) and a password must be entered. To confirm the email address we will send an email to the given address. By clicking on the button in the email the account will be activated. The registration process is now complete.

Step 2: Sales Setup

After the successful registration you will be forwarded to the login (Here is also the direct link: After the successful login you will be redirected to the account overview. Here all information from subscribed accounts summarized. In order to create a digital sales profile, the button "Set up sales" in the upper left corner must be clicked. This will create your own public profile, which can then be filled out; profile name, products, address, and opening hours are the minimum requirements. These are always displayed to visitors of the profile, even if they have not yet been filled in. The individual fields can be selected for editing by clicking on the gear wheel.

Step 2.1: Profile name

When you visit your own profile page, a "Enter profile name" window appears automatically. There you can enter the name of the farm or sales stand. This name is visible to everyone in the search list and on the profile. After entering the name, it must be confirmed with "Save". The name can be changed by clicking on the gear next to the profile name.

Step 2.2: Products

In the field "Products" the products can be entered. First a suitable product category is selected. Then the name of the product is entered and then optionally a description of the product can be added. For the sake of clarity and for better searchability it is recommended to enter each product individually. After creating the individual products, the process must be confirmed with "Save".

Step 2.3: Address

In order for the profile to be found on the map, an address should be provided. After a click on the gear wheel in the address field, the address can be entered in the upper right corner of the search window (street, house number, postal code and city); based on the input, suggestions are made and the appropriate address can be selected. The fields below the map are then filled in automatically. After entering the address, it must be confirmed with "Save". It is possible to edit individual fields afterwards, but the location on the map does not change - the location itself depends on the entered longitude and latitude. If there are other sales stands with different addresses (e.g. vending machines), then these can be entered additionally and will also appear in the search and on the profile. For this purpose, the field "Add location" can be clicked in the address field under the already specified main address. In the window that opens, you should now first select a title for the sales stand. Then the address of the sales stand is entered in the same way as the main address. In addition, an opening hour can be added to the location and a selection of the products already entered appears, of which those that are sold at the sales stand can be selected. Once these four sections have been filled in, the input must be confirmed with "Save".

Step 2.4: Opening hours

In the field "Opening hours" the opening hours can be added. Under the menu item "Add opening hours" you can select either individual days or "Monday-Friday", "Saturday and Sunday" or daily. A period is then added to the day; alternatively, "Open all day" can be set if the sales outlet is open 24 hours a day. By clicking on the button "Add opening hours" an opening time can be added. This will then appear above the selection options. If there are no fixed opening hours, an individual opening time can be entered under "Add opening hours by appointment". Here you can set a check mark and optionally add a text. After adding the opening hours, the entry must be confirmed with "Save".

Step 2.5: Welcome

In the "Welcome" field you can place all the information about the farm or sales stand that you want to share with the visitors of the profile. What exactly is entered here is up to the farmers themselves.

Step 2.6: News

The "News" field is used for quick notification of all exciting things happening on the farms. Maybe the sale of a product is starting or other things worthy of being informed have happened. How and if this function is used is up to the owners of the profile. The news will also be shown to all subscribers of the profile in their overview - and they will also be notified by e-mail. To create a news item, simply enter the title of the news item and a text about it. The entry must be confirmed with "Save".

Step 2.7: Coming Up

Is a Farm Fair planned or is there another date planned, about which you should be informed in advance? Via "Coming Up" appointments can be presented in a structured form. For what and whether this function is used is again up to the owners of the profile themselves. The news will also be displayed to all subscribers of the profile in their overview - and they will be informed about new events by e-mail.

Step 2.8: Images

To make the site even more individual and personalized, pictures can be added. To do so, use "Select file" to add pictures from your computer or cell phone and then use "Save" to publish them on your profile. Each photo must also be added individually.

If there are any questions regarding the setup or if functions you would like to see are missing, we would be happy to hear from you.

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